Once upon a time, there was symmetrical triangle with prior upwards move

The poor thing got busted

When the base of it was projected from the break out point, it revealed the weird number of 4030

A little birdy whispered at night that these sort of triangles are not as innocent as they usually look and bluff (ie, double bust)

So the base was picked up from the breakout point and carried all the way to the apex, quiet a laborious task if you ask, so as to roughly approximate what might be at the end of the dark tunnel, the number of 23980 looked comic given the f'ing evil fundamentals

Hence, another journey was undertook to find the illusive fairy which was told to have the answer . The fairy did an AB=CD and gave the number of 22730

The fairy winked and vanished when asked the reason for not calling her friends Crab or Cypher when she had their number 61.8

The End
評論: Bears seem to have survived the lightning bolt
And the symmetrical triangle seems to have double bluff
Let's see after January 26th When future contract ends what is going to happen.
I like turtles.
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