BTCUSD (wave config update)

Chart for analyzing time periods
Modified S/R FIB
Areas of consolidation, potetial breakdown and reversal
Triggering levels
Scheme can be used for tracking price movements within fractal configuration.
Violet lines are identical in terms of gradient of correction.
This is the moment.
Big Decision time... walking the tightrope for the last few days...
good stuff, razor sharp trend lines
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of the best I've seen in days. thanks for sharing. we wait for updates.
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Quality! Best analysis I have seen here...
Although as a beginner, I don't fully understand the method of how you made it.
I'd be curious to learn how you enter the Fibonacci lines into the horizontal scale?
Where do you start?
Also on the time scale, I noticed you measured the bars (35/58 days). Is this a repetitive pattern which can be relied on?

THANKS for taking time to share this.
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investa EspressoDopio
@EspressoDopio, vertical fib is best shown here:
OP3 investa
@investa, Any good online material to read so one can better understand how to interpret what's shown on your charts?
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@OP3, Excellent question. Was wondering the same.
investa hsnyder
@hsnyder, I have no idea what the hell I'm actually doing.
investa investa
@hsnyder, Nevertheless, I can't put up with the thought that I'll be using TA and other standard way of thinking the crowd does. I'm just trying to something new from my continuous research that I'm carrying out by myself. Sooner or later I'll be ready to share with all of you what I found.
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