I catch sight of these fractals in which I believe and I am expecting similiar movement according to the old one.
There are a many indicators which show us the bearish signals like a bearish flag , we are close to crossing the MA...
..also MACD looks like a bearish momentum, RSI is over half, etc.
Its time to move to the bears side and seize the opportunity.

SHORT TARGET : 6000-5800

I hope you like it ! ENJOY everyone!
評論: So we are heading to test the main DT logarithmic line.
I am still expecting the same movement as on the chart with scenario 1.
We can see a little curvature on the MACD which can signalize the bears starting to have an interest about this not so clear situation.

評論: I am waiting for this candlestick pattern confirmation to end this short term uptrend.

評論: I am keeping an eye on this area. MA 50/200 like a support lines.
If we can break this then we shall see test 8780, whether it will be hold as well.

評論: We are heading to test 8780.

評論: bounce or downward at 8700 and maybe more.

評論: This market is strong so it could be a bounce from that, but it does not change thing that we need a bigger correction than that.
評論: Here we come.

Nice posts. I notice you're prediction success rate is pretty good.
elldo samiswilf
@samiswilf, Thanks man! I appreciate it. I will try to do my best to keep this rate better or at least as good as before.
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