New Short Position opened

It is weekend, time to trade Bitcoin . Trading on the stock market was not going well. So good times must follow bad ones.

I don't believe that bitcoin will be now skyrocketing. Bears are about to return.

Bearish Signals:
Bearish Crab
Fake Breakout Bar on the top
Bearish Divergence

***This information is not a recommendation to buy or sell. It is to be used for educational purposes only.***
交易進行: Nothing changed. After the surge strength of trend has been decreasing. First attempt to change momentum failed, but whales are waiting in the background to trigger volatility either to push or drop price action. I assume that Bitcoin price will likely fall. This could be a trap for all the optimists to loot their money.

評論: Price action created now a bullish flag.The whole week my trading system doesn't work out well. I am a little bit frustrated, but okay stop loss is set above 9000. I will accept money loss because I am still very bearish on Bitcoin on long-term perspective.
評論: Good decision to hold short position.

Bears are back
評論: Okay now Bitcoin is pushing the bears out of the market. A rise above 9000 will kill all the bearish market. Last hope that it won't break the challenging resistance and the neckline of inverse head and shoulders formation. If so, I will accept my loss.
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