Always 2 Bottoms

So 14k next

See there, whenever the coin drops in value...we always see 2 "corrections" it always to the months before....always 2 bottoms before it goes back up.
If this theory is right... we will see 14k ...then it will breakout to the top...then create a new bottom..

Whatever that bottom is...we will then see the coin touch that bottom again and go back up.

When it's a true bottom the 2nd bottom trend will never go much lower than the 1st.
評論: Today 14K happened, but for some reason it isn't showing the candle stick.
I think many people fail to understand my accuracy in BTC.

Will keep this thread updated to let you know the next move.

Currently were at 7800. I expect a bounce maybe, or it could break right down. But the target should be about 7600 and then we see what happens.
Today it hit 14k.
If I'm wrong about 14K

Bitcoin goes up to 20K....Bottom becomes 15.6K and it will go back to 15.6k
looks good this, waiting on the second bottom to shoot back up after?
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