BITCOIN to hit $10,000 in 4-6 days

Bitcoin should now start to trend up for the next week or so. I expect to be at the top of my BLUE downtrending channel again in 4-6 days or at around $10,000. In almost 3 months, the bulls have not yet proven that they have the strength to break out. I personally will be looking to sell (at least half, maybe more, maybe less) again once we get there. I want proof. So far, these bulls have not delivered.

Beyond my blue channel you have the first and second necklines and a few other strong resistance points. But you can read more about those in my previous posts. For the purpose of this idea, I'm mainly making traders aware of a temporary short term bullish move to 10k.

Peace. And happy trades.

Sorry. Busy with work folks. Real quick update on this one:

Target was reached at $9900 so I am going to be closing this post out and opening a new one. It didn't happen quite as I expected. $100 more and I would have been exactly right. It also happened quicker than expected. But overall, pretty darn close. And batting a thousand in the last 5-6 posts. Let's hope that string continues.

Peace. And happy trades.
You wish....
phil.steuerwald BarrenWaffe
@BarrenWaffe, Yep.
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sorry but i think that the h&s inverse had failed, and we are going to have another big correction
@brecier, Inverted H&S hasn't had a chance to fail. Right should hasn't completed. You''ll have to read my previous post to find out more about why and also, why, when everyone else believed there was an inverse H&S pattern, I didn't at the time. And now, while everyone believes it has failed, I don't even think it has had a chance to form yet.
brecier phil.steuerwald
@brecier, Did you read my previous posts? I called the same thing but only because that wasn't actually the right shoulder. No volume. What we're forming right now is the true right shoulder as it has volume to confirm.
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