BTCUSD wake up my firend!

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BTCUSD wake up my firend!

now I think the global correction of the fourth wave has ended, and we are in wave 5, from the overall growth

wave 1 - 0 $ -> 4000 $
wave 3 - 3000 $ -> 20000 $
wave 5 - 6000 $ -> ????? $

In fact, if it was a correction of 4 waves, but not the whole growth from 0 to 20,000, then the fifth wave can be as high as 20,000 $ about 24,000-30000 $, so it can be a truncated $ 16,000-19,000

So let's see where we'll go, but the first stop can be for $ 11000

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評論: previous

next move

we keep the current movement up.

so we are preparing to make a profit

look at this, are you ready?

in principle, everything is beautiful enough, bitcoin slowly but surely goes to its goal.

I adhere to the idea that we still see> 17000 for bitcoin =)

it's hard for me to say when it will stop, but I think that soon we will be able to see the cushion before the new campaign up

Hello to everyone who reads my tests. As practice showed, my waves were telling the truth, now I think we are going down to 9700, and after that we are going up again.
of course we can touch 9200, but I think this will not happen, so we buy at 9700 and enjoy life

Thanks for the feedback

as I expected, we went into correction
now I think in the near future we will move sideways, and after seeing the fifth wave to the area of 13000 $

while we are moving in this direction, I think we will reach $ 11000 and we can roll back down, which will indicate continuation of the corrective wave 4
We are just following trend channel - everyone relax - we will be fine in a day or so

Nice TA! Thanks
@webmi, ty =)
Perhaps a retest of 10k? Just to be sure?
@darobsta, I think yes, I closed my positions in all currencies. and waiting for a buy signal
darobsta RealDaniil
@RealDaniil, I did a tiny fomo at 10.5 just in case. Was looking for support confirmation lower down at around 9.2 to buy more but it never came. A strong bounce off 10k rather than a struggle would be very enough for me I think.

If we keep going up, what's your next buy signal? I've been looking at the descending line between 19k and 17k which is around 12.2k ATM, I think. There's relatively clear space above that.
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