Easy daily 10% Will do just fine. Cash Is King

Here is an easy profit, trade for beginners, advanced or pro.

Now this doesn't take a lot of focus and can be done by setting Tradingview price alarms so you don't make mistakes and forget about it. Set an alarm well above the channel then watch the last 30 when reaching bottom and reaching top to make sure you exit and entry is clean.

We are and have been in this channel for quite a while and the margin from top to bottom is around $1,000

Simple trade buy at the bottom of the channel sell at the top of the channel at current price this is a little over 10% in profit.

Easy trades and easy profits are good trades you don't have to complicate things when you have it in front of you on a platter.

We have had good day today already profiting on all of our trades not very often do you have 100% success rate but we can never have as much cash so thought this simple trade might keep you amused.

If your holding BTC we are at the sell point now and then buy back at bottom of channel.

Cash Is King! Let's keep making it.

Traders check out in related articles below an important post I think should be read if new and trading alts it was the post listed on LTC.

評論: We haven't entered this trade yet as we need to buy bottom of channel.

Those of you holding sell when it renters channel.

We had some aggressive buys come in and has lifted the price, but the current volume on BTC isn't strong enough for this to continue up.
Turnover is Vanity... Profit is Sanity... But... **CASH IS KING**

This chat is for you to have fun and share, feel free to join

Hey, great TA. When are you waiting breakdown?
Cash-is-King LouTheBoss
@lubos112233, Just watch the daily chart at the moment the 200EMA is supporting us once we break that we will drop
LouTheBoss Cash-is-King
@Cash-is-King, great, thanks! good job
Mmmm. The channel was broken.
For day traders this weekend
Cash-is-King sumastardon
@sumastardon, Yes but this is good, as when we trade daily we don't sell until we have a downbeat at the top of the channel so now we would sell when we break the 200EMA on daily. You always buy on bounce of bottom of channel and sell when have down bar from top
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