BTC USD , This could be it.

Hi guys this is my first post here, I am seeing An Inverse H&S and Cup and handle matching almost perfectly, if we break both, 17k and the uptrend are very likely.. let me know what you think, HAVE A GOOD DAY!
評論: I see the bounce between 8800-9200$ for the final leg of the right shoulder, which would mean staying in the handle trend perfectly
Your 8800 to 9200 range is spot on. It would put us at the 0.5 Fibonacci range and a 25% pullback. I'm looking at 9k as my nice round number to buy in.
frankyePATTERN jordymcnab
@jordymcnab, Thanks Jordy, seems like the bounce could have been @9550 but I think we'll retest it today/tomorrow for the bounce at 8800-9200 range
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