I think I do not have to say much.

Many thought I was stupid when I said that we would be in a correction for a long time.

Here you have your answer.
What was that overshoot in 2014 on BTC about then? It was like a blip in the graph. Some air foil or what have you.
Few months of correction is not a long time if you compare it to years with Nasdaq
E55, could it go to 10.000 before dump?
E55 Sidney-CWB

No, maximum $9200
@E55, thank you!! Following...
kristenlow Sidney-CWB
@Sidney-CWB, I am still in fiat waiting but I see the prices go up further and further, made a few shorts and it still climbs. I still have faith somehow. Still waiting in fiat.
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Sidney-CWB kristenlow
@kristenlow, me too, I bought a bit of ETC and I got the movement until 0.0030, but now I am in Fiat.
Crazy, we will see if we get double bottom.
Even percentages are similar, usually little higher for bitcoin. I measures many different points.
Dear @E-55 , I think you need to say more cause it is way too early to call for such correction. Surely, it is a possibility just like any other. What is your reasoning beyond the current drop? i agree that there are correlations between the two markets but no where high enough to make 1,5 year long predictions for bitcoin. The biggest difference i think is that the Nasdaq is a composite whereas Bitcoin is a single technology. Any developmental improvement on BTC can invalidate your assumption in a minute.
E55 retiringsoon1

Charts develop from the euphoria, fear, greed and optimism of people. It does not matter what kind of technology it is - charts remain charts.
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