Bitcoin             moving in uptrend channel . Should touch support line!
評論: Price break downtrend line
評論: Price moving to uptrend.
Correction over?
交易結束:目標達成: Next 13k
評論: Price back to channel, moving to support (8-9k)
Sir, I have been following your trades and have been learning a lot from you. Moreover, I comprehend that technical analysis is not like having a crystal ball. I know that it is a matter of probabilities, and that no one can be right every time. Nevertheless, I would like to share my opinion that I don't think that it's accurate to say that the target was reached for this trade. To say so seemed a little bit misleading to me, honestly.
perhaps comedy
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i think he commented on a wrong post accidently
Pulsar19 HaliffRoslan
@HaliffRoslan, The title scared me
Why is this old stuff popping up? Nov 13,16
BobbyJGold Supertraderboy
@Supertraderboy, he just updated it.
What do the I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII blue lines indicate? They look like psychological levels near ATHs and their correction bottoms
Lets see how if it comes down to 5000 as mentioned.
I'm with you but what could be the trigger right now that brings Bitcoin down again? A massive BCH rise maybe? But anyway 10'000USD in early January.
voltampere MichaelShutterbug
@MichaelShutterbug, Look at the chart... the trend is btc to enter in correction, moving down and touching the support line to rise again! As we can see, this movement is following the passed
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