Why Bitcoin Sucks More Than The New Star Wars.. And Trendline..!

Good day my favorite cryptomaniacs and welcome to yet another analysis of BITCOIN             (and a grain of trend line education). SAY WUT?? Let's get right into it !!

''Denzoss Bitcoin             is going up!! Should I RE ENTER THE MARKET ??!?!?''
NO! The graph hasn't given us ANY indication of a reversal pattern. We are STILL in a downtrend until it breaks past $10 700 level(red line on the graph). This is basic market structure, when a market is revisiting price areas it's been to before it ALWAYS bounce off certain levels because fellow investor and traders have money trapped at that said price and they refuse to sell it at a lost so when the price revisit that area they sell which keeps the market from just moving DOWN or UP. This is why we have to assess whether a market is BULLISH or BEARISH before committing to a trade/investment. This is exactly why we use TREND LINES . They are a visual interpretation of the general direction of the market. If a trend line is broken but the market has NOT indicated a reversal of momentum then the trend line needs to be readjusted.

Bottom line: a broken trend line DOES NOT nullify the analysis. It means that we need to REEVALUATE it which more than often DOES NOT change a thing on the general idea of where we think the price is heading (either up, down or sideways).

So where is BTC             heading long term? $4700 then on its way up to ALL TIME HIGH.

But where is BTC             heading short term?
1. $9100 Area is our next major level.
2. $10 700 area is the level it needs to break in order to ''confirm'' bullish market

I personally am thinking #1.

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Oh and by the way, what did you guys think of the new Star Wars movie? Is it worth watching? Let me know in the comments!

交易進行: The trade is still active and very real, Bitcoin has not broken the level at $10 700. We've seen a MAJOR 700$ dip which recovered as fast as it went down. Nothing to be alarmed about, they are clearing orders.
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Let's get rich. Together.
I'm agree!
Check longer term bull trend line of the run from 6-12k, cleanly broken, path of least resistance is down.
+1 回覆
@Toivo first support broken
Toivo PRO Bullion_Money
@Bullion_Money, this is strong support. is it broken? I cant see close below.
if revisits wouldn't that be a very bearish move?
Toivo PRO Bullion_Money
I quess the channel is broken now :)
+1 回覆
@Toivo, back in the channel. Its going down I agree in the long mid term. I am not playing just holding my core position
+1 回覆
Toivo PRO Bullion_Money
@Bullion_Money, I can still see upside coming and not much more down :)
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