BTC about to make a major move. Being pushed down by the Jupiter-Uranus opposition beginning around 5/5 and ending 5/15.

We could see the major pump or a leveraged, stop hunt liquidation wick before a major pump up.

We have a few celestial events coming up.

* 5/12
Mars enters retrograde zone - unfavorable or could be a trend reversal sign.

* 5/14
New Moon enters Taurus
Mercury enters Taurus

* 5/14 - 16th
Consensus 2018 Conference

*** 5/16 ***
*** Uranus enters Taurus ***
*** Gann fan crossing ***

* 5/17
Moon Perigee (closest to Earth for May)
Mars enters Aquarius

It'll be interesting to see how BTC plays out.
Biggest fear for Bitcoin is the ring around Uranus
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