Last pump before 6k?

Very bullish flag on bitcoin , banging against 8k resistance. Could break it. Watch 8.2k.
Massive hidden bearish divergence on the 4H and 1D TFs.
I´m thinking the retracement back to 7.5k is in play before heading back up to 8.8k. And then back down to 5.9k.
評論: We had an flat Wave 2 and an extended Wave 3. Since Wave 2 was flat, Wave 4 was a violent one. Look at 7.7k for support and a possible bounce.

交易進行: Trendline holding so far... but very strong likelihood BTC will fall through a gap in the cloud...

交易進行: First fib trying to hold. But wont be able. It will slip through the clouds. The beauty of Ichi, its one of the few non-lagging indicators that can point you where BTC is headed... where it will be rejected and where it will slip through clouds of resistance or support...
交易進行: Bear flag apparently complete and broke downwards, thus completing correction Wave B... heading down Wave C to its next destination.

Bitcoin has found strong support on the 2H ikki cloud. It will require a massive dump to get it down there... in fact al this sideways might be an effort to escape up through a gap in the 1H ikki cloud... should take 6-8 hours for this escape attempt to take place...

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