The Bitcoin Breakout - Video Update

Good afternoon traders,

Today i wanted to breakdown in a little more detail the few confluence factors that were taking into consideration prior to yesterdays analysis being distributed.

Have a great week.

Tom :-)
評論: As predicted in today's analysis price has confirmed the breakout of the minor 1hr TF consolidation.
評論: Today's video outlook on bitcoin.

評論: Live BTC.USD Setup.

I joined your website and pay so please check my messages and what next to do
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TomHall Suryoday91
@Suryoday91, Responded to all message now so you should have a response :-)
Suryoday91 TomHall
@TomHall, Thanks for replying me so I have to wait till I got message on my mail
TomHall Suryoday91
@Suryoday91, My pleasure, if you contact me via PM i will send you my direct email address and can get everything setup for you :-)
Thanks for the idea analysis!
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TomHall tomemtoan
@tomemtoan, No problem at all :-)
Thanks for this.. analysis.. it's good thanks sir.
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TomHall tamomagentu
@tamomagentu, No problem at all.
Have a great evening.
Hello Tom thank you very much for informing. I have a doubt. I want to trade btc only (no other coins or tokens), but in my wallet I cannot transform my btc into euros without sending the money to the bank and that takes to long to reeinvest. Litecoin and eph are to volatile. I am working with Bittrex do you know a way to keep the investment ready and steady to invest? What do you suggest?
TomHall Bernas50s
@Bernas50s, Hi,

Legally i am always told not to advise so i don't get sued ( It has been tried before through my company ) however i am sure someone here on the TradingView platform can help further.
Apologies i can't be of much help.
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