4 hour stochastic ready to drop BTC ascending wedge

See the chart
Now the question is, do you day trade here as the 50/100 hourly MA bull cross happens? Or will it be a dud since it happened three days ago?
mycotoxin whoisthelorax
@whoisthelorax, Im hoping it hits the low 10k high 9k then moves to up to 14k
@whoisthelorax nice job man you have some great graphs !
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whoisthelorax mycotoxin

Thanks! Hopefully I can make more bull charts in the coming months. I don't want BTC to fail but I am bearish at the moment.
mycotoxin whoisthelorax
@whoisthelorax, I do agree , what im wondering is will 7k be the end or will it be 5k ? There is also the unresolved 1300 area that was never dealt with
whoisthelorax mycotoxin

I will be watching 50/100/200 daily moving averages to potentially determine that... another crash down will start to point the 50 downwards, significantly so. Don't really want to witness the 50/100 cross, but IMO, that gives us reason to believe as I have posted elsewhere that this isn't an ordinary correction but a macro wave 4. i believe we would hit 5K and eventually settle around 8k-10k until macro wave 5 starts.

TD sell?
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