BTC is going down down down.

1140 29
BTC Bulls are insane for thinking this kind of growth can be organically grown. We need a retracement. Every time we should of had one we had another thing on the timeline to look forwards to or FUD about. BCC , BTC futures news, CPOE opening, CME opening... well now after the CME we have no more news. Whats left to pump us other than industry? Stacy from Walmart isnt buying at 20k after that flash crash to 13k last week. She's busy buying xmas gifts and at these levels that probably isnt BTC . Institutional investors will also likely wait for a retracement to make large positions

My short term projection is 17k.

Long term 13-15k depending on panic.

TL; DR : Sell the news. We're double topping and completing a head and shoulder on the second top.
i know Stacy and she ain't buyin indeed !
WhaleTeam6, there is no point in talking to greed zombies. They are holding bitcoin using credit and debt. They would abandon their own families if meant Bitcoin would go up another $5-10K
Good call!
if it goes to 17K, it will be like 30min util it reaches 25K
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heard that before so many times. where will we correct? Good chance to buy more.
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@pisces38, I agree. But we have no more "news" to keep us pumping.
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pisces38 WhaleTeam6
@WhaleTeam6, so a price drop from 17200 from these levels is a 10% pullback. are you new to cryptocurrencies? lol
@pisces38, Thats the first bounce. Are you new to market sentiments? Nothing goes straight down pleb.
pisces38 WhaleTeam6
@WhaleTeam6, by the way we dont need news. the fundamentals are there why people are using the blockchain instead of putting their trust in corrosive central banks. just sell if you don't believe in this long term overhaul of our financial systems.
@pisces38, I hope you get rekt.
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