Hi friends!

I’m feeling great! I wish that you feel the same way too!

A great analysis using Elliott Wave Theory!
I told you earlier that #BTC good days are about to come! Have a look on previous analysis...

I expected #BTC to have a sharp movement by the time pattern completes and breaks out of the triangle...

But here is the thing: Are we started with the rally to the top in form of wave “D” from the big triangle that I talked many times about it earlier?

Until and unless the price does not stabilize under 6400, the same scenario from last month is still valid.

Watch out for the upcoming analysis!
評論: Dear friends,

Based on many comments that I have received, I gotta say that unfortunately our traders are confused by various analysis done by top traders on tradingview who have suggested #BTC may go to 5K channel or even 4800 price point.

I have even told before... price range under 7K was a low risk area to enter... on the other hand current price range is not suitable to enter...

But do not worry! In case the current movement is a part of bigger uptrend in form of wave “D”, we will analyse in lower time frames and we will find a good entry point!
評論: A most possible scenario.

End line of correction phase is indicated on the chart.

In this region we have a low risk and safe entry point.
damet garm...
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