Bounce here, target is 14500-15000

Cloud support, horizontal support and an upper edge of an old bullish channel acting as a support too. Might pierce to 10700 but overall this is a temporary bottom. Not a time to sell, but a time to buy.
評論: Also, this gives us a couple more week for the alt party.
Do you think an "alt party" is possible while BTC is tanking? The last few weeks, we've seen a small amount of alts doing well for a few days, but with every drop of BTC, the alt market drops again as well. I think we'd need at least a somewhat stable BTC for alts to do well
As per my idea - BTC will start recovering, and many alts are at their supports now too, so yeah, i'm sure alts are gonna do just fine in coming week or two.
I'd say support is already broken and there is basically no support till 8k area. I see you are placing your support even down to 11.5k (you might be right), what do you think it could happen if that is broken?
This is my view of things if you are interested
@bagofXMR, sorry man, i'm more of a swing trader, looking for setups that suit me, can't really tell the future:)
artem.koloskov artem.koloskov
@artem.koloskov, overall i'm bullish on BTC, that's about it.
+1 回覆
bagofXMR artem.koloskov
@artem.koloskov, I'd say none of us can see the future. But we can have a bias, can't we? :P
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