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As a Noobie in cryptos and investing, watching chat and all the charts posted, not only make my think most of these guys are simply guessing or should be artists, not investors.... Followed many of them and nothing came of it...Not sure I even want to be a part of this chat on Trading View.... And I'm really trying to get points to be able to ask legit questions and voice my common sense point of view???? Please,,,there are some men and women that I now follow..but it sucks cause I can't interact with them...
All these trend-lines and resistances and supports don't mean squat for long-term crypto investing. If you want to learn to trade, you want to learn to day trade, which I don't recommend unless you have millions of dollars and are a seasoned pro. Just learn to read Keltner channels and Bollinger bands. Thos are really the only two studies worth a damn in Crypto. You can't never guess which way something is going is crypto, but with Keltner and Bollinger you'll, at least, be able to time your entry and exit point for times when you did pick the right positions. Everything else is BS. I've seen the biggest pros make 9 wrong prediction out of ten and then everyone praises them when the tenth one is right.
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