After some f*cking hardcore hours of work/study/research, i came up with some price coordinates:

4400 - April 25
3500 - April 25
2600 - May 5
3500 - August 20 (This is rare to be a bottom, more like the price will touch this point as a resistance)


The rule is simple: In the given day, the closest line to be touched by the price is the bottom of this whole big crash, that's it.


** The 20 EMA used in the chart is not my only indicator, i use a lot of others to increase the accuracy.**

For any ideas or questions, tell me what you think in the comment section. I don't talk and explain much about my idea, i'm a type of man that THINK much, not talk much, so really sorry for not explaining my idea clearly! Everything i bought you is the result of some hours of work.

If you want to learn something, these are some best source trusted by me:
- Technical Analysis:,
- Fundamental Analysis:, bitcointalk. org
- Books: Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets: A Comprehensive Guide to Trading Methods and Applications, The Disciplined Trader: Developing Winning Attitudes

My predictions are accurate and helpful ? Follow me, i can help you define the market moves. Of course, no one can totally predict the future. But we trade smart, we trade differently. Always use the f*cking stop loss.



Who am i ? I'm a tiny cryptocurrency whale, a swing trader and an emotionless chart analyst that you can trust lol.

- MrPalmTree
手動結束交易: Update: There's a possibility that all of those lines are short-term dips, i'm considering about 1825 is the final bottom (read my new idea)
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