BITCOIN (BTC) cycles

Hello all,
BTC have been amazing all year long, but now I see signs of an over-extended pattern in the medium term.
All my indicators make me think it will retract soon. And this time, might be more than the usual retractions we got used to.
The TD Sequential Indicator has a peculiar moment where we are completely align in 3 of the most accurate time frames (Monthly, Weekly and Daily). All time frames will have a 'nine' candle ending after Sunday close (see charts below).
And also, the 10K touch of the value is a well known psychological barrier.
So, prepare yourself and be cautious in the next Days/Week.

If the event occur, we might be going down during 1 to 3 months or in the best scenario we might be moving sideways.

Long live Bitcoin . We are here to buy the dips.

This is only my opinion and don't use it as financial advisory. Always do Your own due diligence and make Your personal decisions.



評論: As always news can mess with your TA.
And we have huge news from NASDAQ. Bitcoin futures too be traded there also. After CME announced the same.

So, the dip might occur, but the 1-2 month sideways seems unreliable
評論: So many people asked me for predicted bottoms and then reverse.
I will not tell it, because i really don't know, but i will point to 2 good resistance points. Especially the 2nd (lower one)
評論: CME confirmed Futures trading... forget the bottom... it's going up i think.
評論: Here's the source for the news.
CME Starting 18 December
December 18th
評論: Maybe TA is stronger that those news.
I'll stop following the price. That's why i don't like to put values... it's really hard to get it.
I made same mistake as you - saw 9 on 1M, 9 ON 1W and was waiting to print 9 on daily. Result- I havent earned more than 30 pct. Now even if 9 will do the magic, we will go down max 30 pct. I guess while in meantime we can rise another 20-35 pct. till week ends.
nunojusto skirmantas
@skirmantas, Yes, correct. My analysis is only on when the event will occur. I did not predicted what will be the prices. I've stopped doing this because BTC is an enormous animal... and it often goes down more than expected or less than expected. Nobody can predict the correct values.
What I tell You is to be cautions during those days/weeks... and analyse closely all the movements.
Your ta sucks
nunojusto GeorgDer3
@GeorgDer3, You are welcome to improve it, please
you are wronger than ever
nunojusto TraianIonita
@TraianIonita, maybe. Can you elaborate?
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TraianIonita nunojusto
@nunojusto, told you
I saw it too, @nunojusto. 9-9-9 inverted is 6-6-6.

Tell me Bitcoin Do you Bleed?
@Heglyn, that 6-6-6 is only funny. Does not say nothing to me, but the 9-9-9 is a clear sign.
Does bitcoin reply to emails? :)
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Heglyn nunojusto
@nunojusto, I saw the TD Sequential Indicator i was following it we are in 9 of 9 weeks which normally bitcoin initiates a correction just last 2 times in the past. I didn't count the month or day but you are correct. If a correction starts will be on Sunday.

The only but in that thesis is the next fibonacci number 13. It will broke the tendency of growth that we have:

What is your opinion?
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