Bitcoin to 9,700? Yes it possible

Welcome back to my page, hope everyone is having a great week so far. let jump right into our weekly bitcoin prediction.
Last week i told you guys that bitcoin will possibly break out to 7,400 and close the week with high of 8,000. Well, it turns out to be accurate just like i predicated it, if you havent seen my video on youtube where i predicated the price gain go check it out.

For next week theres two scenarios likely to happened. btc is currently trending at 8,346. We could see a strong opening week for btc given all the chaotic things going on with stocks and in US, it would help btc in a positive way plus the last day for US taxes is April 17th which is 2 days from today. If we break up trend we could see a massive jump to somewhere around 9,700-9,800 at the end of the week. If we break side ways we could close the week with price of 8,900 to 9,100. i dont think we would fall below 8,000 at the point cause we have strong resistance below 8,000 USD.
If We Maintain the current price over night without dropping, We would see a run between 9,00 to 9,200 on Monday and Tuesday and maintain through the week with a little high and down.
Everything is looking good so far and i hope it works out like this so we can all make money.

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Also please let your comment below, i wanna hear from you. yes you reading right now!
Thank you.
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