BTC -> Pump Or Dump? 75% Trade

BTC Critial Correction ->

Bitcoin is at a crossroads. The more it consolidates here the better chances it will continue higher. Price discovery is an interesting event every tick tells you a story about the events that may proceed. Every trend line , moving average, and signal gives us a idea of what we can expect. As of now we are bullish on a daily and weekly chart. Trend is your friend, As long as your able to identify the trend you will have the edge in your favor. Does this mean we should jump into BTC all in. No, we need more indications that we will continue higher. We have set a weekly high of $17,250 for anyone that has not opened up a trade this would be your entry.

Target Entry @ $17,250
Target #1 $20,000
Target #2 $25,000
Stop Loss $14,995
Risk $2,255
Reward $7,750
3.43 Risk Reward Ratio

If Bitcoin Fails To Hold This Trend Line We Wont Be Able To Hold The Previous Lows And Will Certainly Drop That Support


Entry Short @ $17,250 - $15,000 - $12,999
Target $10,000
Target #2 $9,000
Target #3 $8,000

Once You Reach Your Final Target You Can Flip Sides And Wait For Signals To Buy Back In.
** I highly doubt we will see these levels. Too many buyers wanting in.

Trade At Your Own Risk

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