216 6
These Bull Divs have been very telling the last two days .
can you explain what bull divs indicate? thanks!
L3gOnD NatalieThomas
@NatalieThomas, Divergences occur when the price and oscillators are showing different trends. In this example the price is making lower lows however the oscillators are making higher lows. This is a bullish divergence showing that the sellers are beginning to run out. The four types of divergences are 2 Bullish (price making lower lows and oscillators making higher lows. Price making higher lows and oscillator making lower lows) and 2 Bearish (price making higher highs and oscillator making lower highs and price making lower highers and oscillator making higher highs). This example shown is a bullish one.
Divergences are very effective in showing continuation or reversals in trends but are most effective the higher the time frame. I have been trading BTC the last couple of days so this is a lower timeframe but when you find them on daily or multi-day timeframes they hold even more weight.
@L3gOnD, thank you so much for taking the time!
L3gOnD NatalieThomas
Here is a great video on RSI and it also goes into discuss divergences as well. At 34:16 he begins to discuss divergences.
@L3gOnD, Awesome! You can probably tell I know basically nothing about this. If you have any other recommendations - books, maybe, I'd appreciate it!
L3gOnD NatalieThomas
Good Book:
If getting started into Technical Analysis then I would advise YouTube. A lot of stuff on there is very good.
This guy has a lot of helpful YouTube videos and does a lot with crypto:

But Youtube is great, start with understanding price patterns, how to read candlestick charts, support and resistance levels and move up from there. The list of studying I took...
Price and candlestick charts, support and resistance levels, pricing/candlestick chart patterns, volume profiles, moving averages and exponential moving averages, oscillators (like RSI and Stoch RSI), Ichimoku cloud, fibonnaci retracements, etc. Start small and work up.
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