Bitcoin 2K ? Do not close your eyes

You will despair or will buy at the point of despair?
評論: Yes, this is a famous bubble chart. This not my invention. I just applied it to bitcoin. But do you still think this is a good joke or stupid analysis?
Forget about what you are trading. If it was not bitcoin, you would look at it differently.
This not a first bubble and not the last one. And for those who think that after this crash it would not recover, you are wrong, you take a look to NASDAQ COMPOSITE IXIC which I posted on my page. And the price of 2K will not surprise me. We were there not so long ago. But after you saw 19K, it's hard for you to see 2K. Why many people are surprised or afraid. Nothing grows forever without stopping. And it does not matter what the chart title, BTCUSD or GOLDUSD or S&P. You can leave crypto market and trade stock market. You also will see there a huge pumps and dumps. But in stock market it can take several year, but in crypto, it takes month or two.
Nice setup
Good post. I think we could hit that. The narrative changed and Tether scares are bringing this thing down to where the prices likely would have been before the pumps. It will recover, but those $20K levels prob take a while
Since you posted, your chart has pretty much been spot on.
I totally agree with you mate. I am sure that we will reach at least $5000.
But also $2000 is possible what unfortunately many do not want to admit due to their optimistic view and greed.
$2000 would even be the support under the $5000 range which many have forgotten. Better for us :)
Funny you post this. I was overlaying BTC over the 4 Stages of a Bubble graphic from the url below. They are remarkably similar and eerily similar to your chart.

It doesn't look like I can post an image here, so here a link: https://imgur.com/v6TAVc4

If it were to do what you are saying. The market would never recover. This kind of crash would never trust crypto again.
dumb chart mate
thank you for your joking
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hahahahah, Stupid analyse
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