Bitcoin Support

Bitcoin has some support around the 0.382 level.
More importantly, The red line (200 SMA ) has seen recoveries follow three times (light blue) and potentially a forth time as this post is being written. Each time the 4hr candle touches down on the 200 SMA btc has seen a recovery.

This is a KEY indicator to watch.

Further, the last two times the 200 SMA was touched BTC recovered up 4 retracement levels. If that trend continues we can expect to see 19000 btc within a week. This is based purely upon analysis, not news or opinion.

Also: RSI is pretty oversold on 4hr candles, also sign of a potential bull run.

Important note: The last time the 200 SMA was crossed was around Sept. 14-24 during the China crypto crackdown. Four months is a long time in the crypto world.
yeah solid MA support for sure. RSI oversold on the rare for BTC. Good time to start adding to LT positions
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check also the EMA... it is forming a resistance at the top
Marzo999 Marzo999
@Marzo999, imeant 200 EMA
so true ... 200 seems a good indicator for btc. thank you for sharing
this seems true... alot of resistance at 12.700 and 11k... in 2 weeks 19k+
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fitzpa59 terrahigh
@terrahigh, yup. next couple 4hr candles will likely decide
terrahigh fitzpa59
@fitzpa59, u mean the next 8-12 hours ?
fitzpa59 terrahigh
@terrahigh, yeah. in the next 8-12 hours we will have a good indiciation of whether we re crossing the 200 SMA or not
terrahigh fitzpa59
@fitzpa59, what if it goes down under 12.700 in 8-12 hours? then what? should i short?
Agreed with you mate ! Peeps are overreacting to this down once again just be patient and enjoy controlling fear !
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