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The EMA is very popular in virtual currency trading (BTC/USD). Exponential moving average ( EMA ) differs from a simple moving average ( SMA ) by a weighted average being given to recent price data. The EMA reacts much more quickly to recent price changes than the SMA does.

Trend Indicator
Using daily chart , traders follow the 5-13 EMA . When the 5 is above the 13 EMA (green) the trend is strongly rooted bullish . When the 5 is below the 13 EMA (red) the trend is bearish . Blue crosses signal when a trend has changed.
評論: 4 Hour Chart - more volatile, but quicker signals
評論: With any system it is impossible to eliminate false signals. However, you can reduce them by finding what intervals works best based on hourly-daily-weekly volatility.

Waiting for confirmation is always better than attempting to picking exact bottoms or tops.

Comfortable trading
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Still not a crossover observed on 4 Hour Chart.

To help enhance visualization, you can bring forward TREND EMA indicator/chart overlay. This will help you better observe blue/red/green signals, Also, sending alerts to your email/phone is fastest way of knowing when a trend has changed. Simply add an alert 5 EMA crosses 13 EMA on 4 hour chart with signals ending at latest date possible.
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LiliaSeverina QuantitativeExhaustion
@QuantitativeExhaustion, Hi, which platform allows you to set up EMA alerts?
so are we still bearish? also how did you activate this indicator in tradingview please? there are many configurations for EMA. Thank you :)
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@01sasa10, Until a closed candle on the 4 hr shows the 5 EMA crosses 13 EMA then the bearish trade is still on.

If you want to activate an alert and receive an email, use the alert system 5 EMA crosses 13 EMA 4 hr chart. Act immediately when you receive an emailed alert via phone/computer.
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