BTC bearish bear flag scenario

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It seems odd to me that BTC is finding trouble at this exact point. Im not bearish yet but if BTC can't break out of this giant bear flag , than I am bearish , for now. I dont think we've hit bottom, and something just doesn't smell right. Cindicator a.i. asked me if we would see a 300$ Ethereum by May 15th and I dont see how that can play out with a bull run in the cards. So for now im bearish until BTC can clean break over 8200. Some whales just cashed in on some shorts, dont be surprised when the rug gets pulled out under our feet. Also I see a lot of alt coins that had retraced 85-90% moving. Its also plausible to me that this move in BTC over the past week has been necessary for the market to allow alt coins to gain value, before BTC'S continues plunging towards 4800$, which is where I believe were heading over the next month. Had BTC just fell straight down without this alt coin pump week, alt coins would have dropped past threshold. If this is in fact a bull run then this is only wave 1, so I would wait until BTC goes into retracement before I enter into a long position because I feel strongly the bear scenario is still in play. If I wake up to whale calls blowing me up again with shorts being liquidated, ill be more bullish . But I wouldn't be surprised to wake up and see BTC dump in the morning just because the market has been hot for more than a few days and BTC is in need of a correction. Show me the volume or fuck off.
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