Bearish Crab on 15MIN - price drop possible
評論: 0.61 max drop target for that pattern has been reached
Nice call. Saw this chart after it actually happened. Gave it an AGREE.
balocik TradeClass
@TradeClass, thanks
hi i just check this pattern ;), rly nice one ;),

An extension of the AB=CD pattern
A 224% – 361.8% Fibonacci extension of the B-C leg
A 161.8% Fibonacci extension of the X-A leg

if point D is the same as the 161.8% extension, it means that the signal to enter is stronger.

Ideally, point D should also represent a 224% – 361.8% Fibonacci extension of the B-C leg.

is it true ;) ? you`re more experienced then i`m.
balocik mblaskoo
@mblaskoo, yes but You always have to remember that as every pattern it can fail so be ready to lose money in such scenario. this time worked as profit.
iam not shore valid this scenario or not in such long flat, but what i see last month-two that our predictions works only in the end, but first, marketmaker test us and our stoplosses and usually it wins.
Great work btw. +1
u should be the top author, not a bunch of almost always wrong "experts"!
+1 回覆
@hkh222, Scott Carney been trying to convince people to harmonics since 1990. 30 years later there's only few ppl who believe in those weird looking patterns.
@hkh222, and I'm one of them.:) Thanks for good words.
cI8DH balocik
@balocik, your welcome. do u use any software for identification of patterns? I know there r couple of them.
@hkh222, I do sometimes but they do approximate measures and You have to check them manually every time.
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