Whats up guys, m

Im not currently involved in a trade, but I wanted to post a mildly educational chart while we wait for something to develop. Im trying to make the charts 'do most of the explaining' and keep things concise, because we all (myself included) have short attention spans ;)

Please ask any questions in the comment section below and I will certain try and respond ASAP             .

Some big news in Crypto, and an event that is certainly adding to the additional chaos of this fun and chaotic crypto market:

Ten Likes and I will update the chart
Intelligent disagreement welcome
Good Luck - See you on the trading floors

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交易進行: SL 8900
TP 8300
評論: SL Update - 8650

Fixing the Risk Reward ratio
評論: Trade Still Active
評論: Trade Still Active
評論: Trade Still Active

Locking in Some Profits

SL Update 8499
Owned at 8535
評論: So we exited this one a little early. I prefer a little early rather than a little late. The Cytpo market is TOO full of traps and volatility to not capture profits MORE regularly than you might have to in say the forex and stock markets.

With that said, 'Catching the Knife' is NOT good investment strategy in any market. Make your money in the middle. The risk is higher at the ends of the move!


I will post a new chart soon.
No Fundamentals in Crypto, just get Rekt
WillN12416 atorrealba
@atorrealba, No need for REKT - set a stop loss
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