Bitcoin S/R test (2) update

Continuation of testing the research on various trendlines with different gradients.
Same colours of circular/oval shapes represent identical fractal
評論: We already saw how market repeats itself in identical proportions but on a smaller scale continuously. Let's see how crowd behaves as we get closer to lower violet area which is a major support level of the whole cycle. Volatility has been declining therefore next decisive move will define its fate and direction that will be reflected as a pullback or we go way lower.
評論: thick yellow dotted line is resistive
Nice work. I agree with the sentiment.
wow this is a good chart! :D
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"thick yellow dotted line is resistive"

That's what she said.

Nice chart ;)
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So no double top this time?
investa alansoft
@alansoft, If price enters purple area - no.
alansoft investa
@investa, but that's at $5400! These fractals work great until I put my order in :)
alansoft investa
@investa, hmmm.... will try closing my eyes next time I put the order in! lol
investa alansoft
@alansoft, You collapse the fractal, rules of the game change all of a sudden simply by your doubt! lol
alansoft investa
@investa, so I kept my eyes shut (shhhhhhh not really)... this might still be on the right course. Time will tell :)
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