BTC Shorts vs Longs Analysis

There has been much conversation about shorts being at all time high. This is only part of the puzzle as longs are also slmost at their highest.

Based on the above chart my interpretation is

13k Longs are out of the money with a price range between roughly 14k down to current prices
19k Long Majority are in the money prices between $0 and current Prices

the 13k longs which are out of the money Prly have stops below the swing low.

32k Shorts are in the money of which:
7.6k of them from $13.5k to $9.5k
14.7k of them from $9.5k to $7.1k
9.6k of them 7.1k to 6.8k

The remaining 9k shorts are out of the money between $20k and current prices.
The shorts increased parabolically between 13.5k and 9.5k but the majority are in the money, with risk increasing towards current prices.

Therefore - there are around 9k shorts in the money which are at risk above 7.1k there are 13.2k longs already underwater at risk below 6k.

Forecast.. likelyhoold of extreme volatility to both the up and downside is imminent. Quite possibly in that order.

Good luck

評論: A push above $9,500 will begin a cascade of short liquidation and likely pump use to $11,500.

評論: On average, remaining $btc longs are underwater and failed to capitulate down in the 6ks. Profit was taken on the longs down there meaning that they can still come back into play. Bullish as F.

評論: Update to show the above occured:

$btc shorters were called right as we broke $9500 as expected. Profits were taken by the longs so we lost steam at $9,800. There is no bear div on the 4hour and still lots of short fuel remaining their stops at at $10k... go get!
評論: In my humble opinion, this is why this $btc market isnt going anywhere in a hurry: Longs are deep in profit Shorts are deep in profit Longs wont be taking profit anything like the shorts will if the move is favourable and those who took profits on their longs will likely rebuy.

@filbfilb It does look like there are about 32K longs vs 23K shorts at the moment. If the same % of each got bored and started pulling their money to elsewhere it would be advantage bears I guess.
Where can I learn more about this type of analysis and figuring out price points?
filbfilb erikjanssen
@erikjanssen, gotta be honest and say i just worked it out for myself so im really not sure.
This is the most useful analysis on the site! Thx filbfilb!
filbfilb pepper_nax
@pepper_nax, thanks, appreciate that support
Been following this one..excellent work. Would love to see an update now that it pushed above 9k :)
"remaining $btc longs are underwater and failed to capitulate down in the 6ks. Profit was taken on the longs down there"
isn't that contradictory?
erikjanssen erikjanssen
P.S. don't forget
We have a few more weeks left ;)
filbfilb erikjanssen
@erikjanssen, what i mean there is that the longs that are being held have failed to give up even when we went as low as we did. Proit was taken on those who longed the bottom and we have continued to go up meaning they are market buys and that there is money availabe to enter new longs. The shorts have been tested and gave up quickly. This to me is a sign of strength but we shall see..
@filbfilb, thanks
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