Bitcoin Scary Balance. Head and Shoulders ?

評論: bbbb,burning down the wedge!! - Well not right now. But if it works then maybe you will appreciate a crazy song to calm/distract yourself for a moment:
評論: i was actually originally painting a third arm waving and dropping a little bull but but gave up on it since it looked bad :D bummer.
A hat and shoulder cuffs pattern? Can't find it on investopedia.
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pulled up shoulders makes the so called neckline look more realistic
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Hahahaha, :)
So to clarify we will be doing a loop the loop in the black hat area? Oh wait.... this is not a serious chart. Got it. Great illustration! love it!
kayb100 kayb100
@kayb100, Do you mind if i share on a facebook crypto group?
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Cute, but not really scary. I want 2400 btc!
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Nice illustration! Maybe BTC go down for Halloween =D
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