Aladdin lamp!! Where is the treasure?

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Where is the treasure?
All of us in this life, looking for treasure or lamp Aladdin who will solve all our financial problems
Everyone is looking for treasure and quick wealth

The situation is not very different from what is happening here in the Trading market
Everyone is thinking of the supernatural wealth looking for treasure for financial freedom.

Unfortunately, this belief is wrong
The Treasure is existed but not in that way

Many believe when entering the world of commerce
 Will be richer than Warren Buffett at the end of the month
or he will own Lamborghini before the weekend

Many people has this thought, then after the first experiment, they escape from the market without a return.

Why ?!

Because he knew the truth and knew that his thinking was wrong

The market is not a Aladdin lamp or buried treasure
The market is a business any business
But here you are solely responsible for your actions and your decisions

If you worked hard to make the right decision always
You will achieve your goals and you will reach what you want in the end

Not gambling !!

Yes, some believe that once he has entered into a single profitable deal with all his money he has won and will inevitably be rich

Think carefully

Some treat the market as a casino gambling

It starts with a blind bet without knowing its leaves
Start entering into deals without knowing the market analysis or what happens

Winning laugh "Beginners' luck"
And then repeat the ball again, I will become rich

Then this is what happens ?!!

You lose everything and the collapse begins
Then surrender or stubbornness until the loss of each owner

It is known that gambling is prohibited in Judaism, then Christianity and Islam
Yes you are not inside a casino gambling
But your decision and thinking of yourself is a gamble

The market or any business filed has rules that you must adhere to
Start by
Most notably is capital management
This is called a strategy or action plan

If you stick to that plan, you have found the treasure you are looking for


If you do not know how driving, how you will drive a car " BY gambling or Beginners' luck ??!!

Surely not

so at trading
learn the rules, set plan, test your work, then join or not, no space to a blind bet,if you do that once again you have Aladdin lamp you can Ask and wish as you want.

if we should say Thanks, All Thanks to Allah, He is our teacher and guide in that life.
we ask Allah reconcile and repay
we ask Allah reconcile and repay
Be a trader, not a gambler, and be sure you follow risk/capital management!!

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we ask Allah reconcile and repay



As Always, Hamada Mark gives us more than just signals, he just gives us the truth about the nature of the markets. Thank's a lot brother for this more than for signals. The more the time past and the more i understand your paraboles. Hope ALLAH gives us our treasures and preserve our hearts of the lack of discernements during the execution of the plan until He gives to the patients what they are searching.
+3 回覆
HamadaMark Ryosaeba6
Thanks for your feedback Dear bro @Ryosaeba6,
where can we find something to learn about capital management?
+2 回覆
HamadaMark Ryosaeba6
@Ryosaeba6, use google bro by they way it`s very easy to learn it we have article about it
very well said bro
+1 回覆
HamadaMark ayman.edris1986
Thanks, My dear brother @ayman.edris1986,
bitcoin rip..

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