When Bitcoin started to lower its price, the first thing I thought was "ABC" ... however in the 4 hour chart it start to looks like an H&S so it made me pay more attention to the alternate trends.
If we see in the graph, we have a central tendency that has already been respected a couple of times, which forces me to leave it as the first option. Second option would have the correction "ABC" that would take us to a price of $ 9662, look that this level is also a good support from the end of November.
However there is a third, very tenuous begins to form a horizontal trend at the level of 14800 - 12100.

Therefore, for any of these options, the current level between 12600 - 11500 is very important and will define our next movement.

Happy New Year!!!
評論: Can we start celebrating ???
I do not think so

It is true that a candle like this one is full of hope, big, green and full of life, however we must be cautious because if we check in the original graphic we continue within that "main trend" that we delineate with dots.

Norms and what do you plan to do?
I will definitely wait to see how it reaches the $ 16100 area from which we could still bounce. If it cross that line, I will begin to define a new plan.
 At the moment the angle Gann 2x1 serves as a reference and as "protection" if we already have an open position.

And what about the "ABC" correction?
If you read the original text you will know that this was never our plan A, it is certainly the first thing i imagined, but when checking carefully we saw how much it had previously respected the "main trend" defined between the dotted line.

Normally a Bitcoin on the rise is good news for the crypto world, being honest is not my favorite technology, but I recognize that it is and will be for a long time the main reference.

best wishes
my work chart...

評論: These levels are as active as they were 10 days ago, I can see the intention of touching his $ 12165 again
評論: New trend

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