Bitcoin 2018 - The Chain Wars

In order to paint this picture I must fast forward -

Scroll down to next dashed lines if you don't care about setting the stage.

It is November 1st 2022, the entire legacy world economy is in free fall, a mixture of events lead us here:

* Iran's people successfully rebelled against their financial oppressors reclaiming their Government, land, oil , freedom. Saudi Arabia and Iran create the largest Oil and Blockchain marketplace. OPEC is dismantled, and oil trade is become a fully decentralized semi-autonomous market utilizing AI driven Robots/ships/freight/etc.

* America reOccupy Movement hits levels never seen before in all of USA History. After the stock market hits a euphoric top at the end of 2018 due to millions of traders participating in inflated markets via Smart phones/media pumping of continued "growth" aka moving printing money around. The credit/bond/student loan/mortgage bubbles begin toppling. The Government is on the brink of collapse after decades of failed tax/social policies.

Because of early adoption of Bitcoin during the mid 201X's in USA the entire reOccupy movement is able to continue operations and thrive even while banks and their umbrella companies are in free fall. Millions are left with out any way to transact. Businesses that adopted to this network are still operational. Many decentralized apps running via sidechains allow for communication, b2b , public services , etc to continue operation.

* The EU is dismantled after Germany leaves the union, sending the EURO in to free fall. Germany is now the worlds largest economy after becoming 100% renewal-able and producing surplus power. Germany harnessed the extra power to run one of the worlds largest Bitcoin mining operations. As well, Germany is the largest exporter of a new battery technology which has now for the first time replaced a majority of oil's fuel use-cases.

*The story is the same everywhere around the globe, people/regions are thriving that embraced renewable energy and decentralized blockchain technology. The entire New World Wide Internet and Blockchain is 100% decentralized thanks to Elon Musk and Space X industrialization of space travel, giant mesh network surrounds the world allowing all to connect 100% censorship free.

* The centralized systems that did not adopt to this decentralized model quickly become replaced by decentralized corporations during the collapse. Many centralized blockchains perish.

Bitcoin is going to continue it's growth pattern from 2017, and possibly even mimic it. Not only was 2017 a big year for Bitcoin in terms of $$ growth, but also for it's code base and community. Bitcoin has never been stronger (besides what you may hear on social media; but please consider the following (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=39RS3XbT...) This trend is only going to continue in to 2018 now that many nefarious players have removed themselves from the tracks of upgrade via forks.

2018 is going to be the year we start seeing 100's if not 1000's of new applications built and used on a widespread level. Many of these applications are already being built right now, but people see them as their own crypto/coin which can be really confusing. In reality, they're Layer 2 applications that run via a sidechains (they still have a market, but think of it more like a company then a coin such as Bitcoin ). Right now this has primarily been done via ERC-20 tokens on top of ETH. But now people are starting to realize how easily networks are congested and expensive doing on-chain L2 applications.

With Segwit, LN, Atomic Swaps, Rootstock, Bitcoin is about to recapture a HUGE market where these companies can finally take advantage of the decentralized and secure nature of the Bitcoin Blockchain and focus on their product/services.

2017 was an awesome year, I bet this year is going to shock us all in the crypto space.

Enjoy the ride :)

評論: I believe we have found our bottom to play out this fractal:

Good luck :)
評論: Here is the bear case as well, we must always look at both directions, don't want to get trapped!

評論: It's time to reclaim the line :)
評論: And that is why you look both ways before crossing :)

Updated Idea:
By reclaim the line you mean get back to 14-15k right. Any guess on that time frame?
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Bitcoin will see 100k IMHO.. But hey what do i know.... Just that theres only 21million thats it. Theres plenty of gold and diamonds and they keep finding more. Paper money they keep the printers on 24/7...... It's value decreases year on year... Governments sink deeper and deeper into debt. 20 trillion 21 trillion where will it stop?? it wont......
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Looks bearish AF. Do you still hold any bitcoin bought in 2016?
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Do you not see lightning network creating selling pressure with increased liquidity? Lower fees = less incentive for the disillusioned to "hodl."

Also, market cycles.
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faboose Manifested
@Manifested, no I see lightning network facilitating more applications/use cases which will increase the overall use and value of the network
realy love ur charts ur honey badger was impressing and shocked a few of my friends :D keep up that good work and all the best i wish
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@y0gi, Cheers! :)
This is GOOD to think about how the future will play out - everyone will have different ideas about how things will go, but thanks for putting this out there!
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Sounds like an Obama doomsday scenario - lol - not going to happen in 4 years. America (the government and it institutions) is slow to change and stubborn, but the individuals that make up the country are resilient and can change on a dime. As far as I know, the mortgage bubble already burst (that was a few years ago - I went through it). I DO agree that college education is a bubble and will pop at some point. And as long as the world has ABUNDANT natural resources to mine (such as coal and oil), they will continue to be harnessed. I don't see that changing in 4 years, but as those resources dwindle, then we will need to look to more expensive (battery / renewable energy) options.

Also, since when to "nefarious players" remove themselves? They are only "removed" if someone removes them! Government regulations could help in this area.
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faboose undersun
@undersun, Hey Thanks for the feedback! :)

Yes 4 years would be insane no doubt, however that is what I do; imagine the extremes :)

USA involvement was less than 4 years in WWII if that puts some perspective on how much can happen in such a short time frame and affect the entire world for generations to come.

Network participants purge the nefarious players eventually, we have seen in many times over in this space over the years :)
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