3 h divergency, sell setup

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It looks like incoming correction. Beware.
評論: This is not buy order (support). This is market manipulation attempt
評論: first correction wave will take us to recent trend line.

評論: Ad we failed to retest bullish pennat upper resistance:

評論: So double top it is. Too much, and too fast. Save your money.
評論: Told ya... :(

評論: Punp and dump, or this wa fakeout?

Impressive analysis. Also without breaking through $5000 there's no chance for more gains and a manipulation in this direction would be welcome by many... But it didn't happen. Someone else suggested we may be heading for an inverse H&S (even though we're in in an uptrend) in another attempt.
overall position right now?

it does look like manipulation but then again i think it is merely upward exhaustion that needed a break before a reattempt to go higher
Have you lost an opportunity to long this rally?
Look now, it's going to bounce up in 15-30 min. There will be an attempt to take 5050.
MiloszKaszynski alter.daemon
@alter.daemon, Too fast, and too much pumping.
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alter.daemon MiloszKaszynski
You were right, I admit it.
Lost some of my previous profits, didn't close position when I got more of them.
Lesson learned.
Congrats on the trade.
danielpugh MiloszKaszynski
Indeed, this high is manipulated:
Funny how everybody is buying this top, some people is gonna cry soon.
So, that is a buy wall the Whales are setting up on that .png you linked to? That is on Bitfinex exchange. That means Phil Potter is PUMPING more USDT into the market and placing Bitcoin bids with Tethers!

Phil Potter... that guy... I hope he PUMPS BTC to $6k!
mightytrader mightytrader
* in that .png
Bulls got 4919, but there is empty point. Bears didn't hide here any significant stops.
Now manipulator is trying to boost growing, but looks like efforts have no effect.
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