Market psychology

So many signs of the past ...
評論: When you are looking for short term target, just follow this trade of goldbug1:

Just wanted to post the same.

Note: But be careful. It's your own risk.
評論: Many have become very bullish by now, as I had guessed few days ago. I wish you all good luck :)
評論: Very low volume and people are pushing it by fomo. Happy valentines :)
評論: Many altcoins and bitcoin need a correction. They are already at the top. The question now is: Does the 5th wave occur after a correction?
Told y'all.
Nope :)
@e55, are we still active with this trade? Btc has now passed 10k...?
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E55 BrettduPreez

I am still bearish - yes.
Does it make any sense?!
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thanks for update.
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Based how fastly we've grown in last 24h, i give it 80% chance.
This is same behaviour like during dump. During dump the bots were selling 24/7. During this peak, the bots are buying everything. The amount of green candles is crazy, and no way this is healthy raise.
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katyusha mark124
@mark124, exactly my thoughts in my first "chart" / psychology analysis -only my timeline didn't include the massive bot-re-buying
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I am very agree with you, somehow, many of traders only look on 1 time chart, daily or 4H, but let's look to weekly chart, it's very clear to say it's will go down again and again
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Somewhere FOMO Must stop and market must show real cards
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