I previously identified 2 resistance levels for you, which still stand. Whilst we pierced through and closed above R1 the Buyers are struggling to hold R1 as sellers push them under R1 level once again.

You all know, I am big move trader who seeks bigger profit runs, with clearly defined moves and clearly defined stop losses. With other indicators telling us that this rally is weak, I remain neutral on the long side. My previous Bitcoin analysis remains fyi (see related charts) . Many on TV have very small accounts with very short-term time frames and can trade these intraday moves, I have advised before, to trade Bitcoin with small accounts you will get chewed upand spat very quickly by experienced Bitcoin traders, however, that is your choice if you wish to ignore this advice.

Resistance remains at 16500 and Support 12500 - this is the Battleground for the Buyers and Sellers.

Thanks Sean. Great as always.

Could you please analise the actual situation of XRP ?

Thanks a lot
Sean's back! Awesome! Great to see! Best of luck to you!
Do volumes have anything to do with price...
Djspr308 ghose12
@ghose12, increased volume=increased volatility
ghose12 Djspr308
@Djspr308, ya.. i too agree...
we can increase the resistance to 17200 to be confirmed,,,,,, thnx
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