My present for you

All information can be found in the chart. I think I do not have to repeat it again.

But before I get inactive again, I wanted to warn you about the current Bitcoin comparison with the 2014 chart.

I had already done that myself, yes, but by now I have understood that the current correction will look very different from before.

Because if you take a look at the 2014 chart, you can clearly see that the correction has long been made compared to now. (We formed a running flat)

The current chart clearly lacks the last wave (the green arrow) to complete the smaller correction (B Wave).

In the end, a strong move is waiting for us, which will break the previous $ 6000 bottom.
That's when many buyers panic. 'Experts' and the media will say that this is the end of Bitcoin .

So do not look at any stupid comparisons, because they will not happen like that. If we actually sink here I can tell you that we will bounce up and down several times. But we will never repeat in life what happened in 2014, because this time the chart looks completely different.

In summary: The best time to get more Bitcoins . There can not be a healthier correction.

BTW: I do not use a title that attracts attention. Everyone who sees it should be lucky. Good luck :)
評論: Watch at my last idea again, which I posted over 2 weeks ago if you want.

評論: rev214us: "I don't believe you are a trader. There is too much conjecture in your thoughts about where price is going. And it is absurd to believe price will go below 4k. Unfollow. ''

I can fully understand the questioning for my target of around $ 2000 especially if this is not substantiated.

Short explanation: A downmove in the $ 2000 area would mean that we test the MA 200 in the weekly chart.

評論: kitkat16: "The ABC would be the best path but the problem I see is that at $4K, btc is no longer profitable for miners.
Considering how much BTC the mining community holds seeing anything under $5K for more than a day seems unlikely before they start pumping again."

The "community" can not keep the price up. In the end, it is the big investors who can move the market very easily. As an example, look around in Tradingview. Rven though most were bearish at around $6,500, the price has since risen to $8,000. Therefore never orient yourself to what the mass does. Besides, it would fit quite well with my prediction. As soon as we break the $ 5000-4000 there is not much support left until $ 2000. That would lead to a mass panic. I'm already looking forward.
評論: ArKain: "I believe the price will not go below $6500 5th February was the absolute bottom!"

If we break $7500 in next hours/days we will easily see a new bottom. But I am expecting a up and down, up and down several times at these levels to trap people.

After that Bitcoin will still see a larger upmove (end of B correction) and downmove (C wave).

So, I am very very sure we will see a new bottom. I would bet my life for it.
評論: Because some people are still asking:

If we break $7500 we will see a new bottom, otherwise it should go up.
No matter what scenario happens, we will still go up (Wave C of ABC correction of wave B) and down (Wave C on bigger ABC correction) one more time. Even if we see a new bottom from here.

On daily chart, Bitcoin couldn't break MA 50.

On 4h chart, we can clearly see that Bitcoin is heading to $7700. There we have MA 50 (blue) and MA 200 (purple) as huge support.

So it's going to be exciting to see if Bitcoin can hold this range ($ 7500-7700) or not.
I think Bitcoin is rising from here as many altcoins are currently building a bull flag and Bitcoin has great support at around $7500.
Also, it is a good sign that the longs are falling while the shorts are rising. Both are almost on the same level. We will see where it will go.
評論: Break of $8500/8600 would lead to a bull run. I could imagine a rally to around $12000 to trap people. I am sure over 90% will think we are going to make a new All-Time-High, but instead of that we will see another "crash".
評論: After that sell everything you have and short this market. You will make tons of money before this market bottoms out. And when it bottoms out have fun buying and holding to over $25k.
評論: We had a touch with MA 50 on daily. Normally it should go down one more time to around $7700/7800, but we will see. Short term I am not sure.
評論: Looks like we will go down short term. Looking for a better entry.

Iijoclu: "@E55 after the bull run to $12k how low are we likely to go? Also, what are the timeframes on these predictions? Thank you for your analysis"

Should go easy under $5000. My target is at around +/- $2000, but can also stop between $4000/3000. We need to look step by step.
評論: For optimistic people:

In the past, so many people claimed that it was impossible for Bitcoin to get anywhere near $6000. Now, most people claim that it's impossible to reach $4000. If Bitcoin ever came close to that, many have said that they would like it because they would have more Bitcoins. Now you realize (which was clear) that over 90% of the people on the way are losing all their money. It'll be fun to see how many will immediately lose another 50% as soon as Bitcoin reaches 11-12k. In the end, almost everyone will have no more money to afford Bitcoins at all - even many whales are losing a lot right now.
Then it's time to wait for investors to enter te market.

By the way: I feel sorry for the people who follow all the top authors. You just see that they either just lose money or do not even try to trade. The only top author I can currently recommend is botje. I do not follow him very much, but still he does a very good job. The rest is ... .

Another thing I want to give you as a tip: As soon as Bitcoin should go down again, many will say that Bitcoin only makes a 'double bottom'. I bet with you that we will easily break this value.
You can compare it to when Bitcoin has reached the $10000. Many, or rather, everyone thought we would make a very strong correction from there. What happened? Since everyone expected this, it did not happen and we were rushed through this milestone like anything else.
That's why I'm not interested in what most people do or say. That's why I think we'll go under $4000. If everyone says that it will not happen because Bitcoin is a new technology that will change the world, then it will happen.
評論: Bitcoin @8500 probably a breakout.

''Break of $8500/8600 would lead to a bull run.''
評論: We are just about to hit the resistance lince at the log chart:

Expecting a small drop before breaking it to trap more people.
評論: Not very sure about it, but after this move we should make a running flag and go through the resistance on log chart.

評論: This would also be a test of MA 50 on 1h chart.
評論: Ok the down move didn't happen, I am sorry for that. This is why I wasn't so sure. I hope everyone of you are in.

Everyone was waiting for the touch of the resistance line on log chart and at least a pull back. Nobody expected a break like that and the most people will wait for another pull back which probably won't happen so fast.

Now next step around $12000 and after that we will make tons of money at shorting.
評論: Longs just aren't increasing, which is a good sign for buyers. Everyone is fearful right now, haha. The most of them will enter a long position at the top, when the rally is over. Shorts will die and we will make a huge run downwards. Finally Bitcoin is moving.
評論: I just read many ideas, where people said that they will start long positions when we break $11000. Even a top author said this... His followers will all buy at the top and sell at the bottom like 90% of the people. People are losing so much money the whole time.
評論: Looks like a very good entry point right now. Hopefully it doesn't get below 8500. But I am not afraid about it because it seems so that we already built the corrective structur after the impulse for one more up.
評論: Probably we are going more down. Expecting 8500/8300 as reversal points right now.
評論: Accordingly, short term can continue to correct more.
As soon as we do not get under 8600, we test from here 9000er range.
But mid-term we should go to around 12000.
評論: Not looking good right now. I would close every long position and ecentually start a short position.

This could be the end of the correction. Short positions also very low. Tradingview and mass media became bullish again.
Just look at the C wave of the B. Looks like a wedge.
評論: Yeah, I am very sure this will go down now. Have fun shorting guys and be prepared to buy tons of Bitcoins under 6k. My target of 2k stays.
評論: If you want confirmation wait Bitcoin to go under 8500 like mentioned before.
You mudazvon. Hvatit parit mozgi. go away from traiding view
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@vovatish, lol
vovatish MistaJoestar
@MistaJoestar, ta kapec, to on vtiraet chto vverh na 12K, teper on pishet chto tsel 2K. I vse v odnoi idee
cosmopan vovatish
@vovatish, no4emy TbI nuwewb emy no-pyccku? OH u3 Poccuu 4To-Jiu?
I may see who gets more hate mail on this call you or us on ours. Not just technically but with the emergence of Mr Soros into the mix longs should pay attention to your posy here. He may drive BTC into the ground just as he did the British Pound in the 90's. Thank you for the post.
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london55555 london55555
@london55555, your "post" that should read
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"One shall stand, one shall fall." - Optimus Prime

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It hooked on ma7 (1H) - maybe pull up ...
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