As I discussed in my last post, BTC dropped below the primary target I gave and now touched the upper bottom of a recent trading box.
On 1st-of JAN I had a short-term buy signal. I warned about the possible bounce and drop, and for now, the short-term buy signal is over. We have a clear sell signal now and we need to wait for a clear and longer-term buy signal.
As per moment, BTC is still inside of the boundaries of the secular bull price channel and not too much to do just twiddle our hands. As per moment the way of BTC is still down and the next target is 8921 (lower edge of a recent trading box)
Professional trader, using patented technology to detect moves of large players (market makers). Part of my techniques work on cryptos as well.

Sorry, I have no time to write my explanations.
'Follow smarts, make money'


by sell signal do you mean its a good idea to sell, or just don't buy.
bonodi cycler
@cycler, Hi, thanks for your comment. As long as BTC is inside of its secular bull channel, sell signal is just to take profit or sit aside. In my and my reader's case our PPA is around USDBTC 2200, so just don't buy.
nice . thx.
bonodi htgorgulu
@htgorgulu, you are more than welcome
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