On a log scale BTC reveals Elliot Wedges . Each Wedge has 3 distinct waves that stay within a linear trendline wedge . Once a wedge completes its 3rd wave, there is a BULL RUN to the NEXT STEP. By rule of 3 in the Elliot Wave , after 3 structures (red, orange, yellow) are complete of WAVE_01, there must be a correction to WAVE_02 of the much larger Elliot Wave .

WAVE_01 (red): 1 year
WAVE_02 (orange): 6 months
WAVE_03 (yellow): 3 months?

So, enjoy the next couple months on the moon and beware of the BIG DIP INC.
評論: I just looked at the numbers on this graph and I feel I need to apologies. I was going off ratios and % and didn't notice my price points and timing to be so fast and high. I do think the structure is correct, but I would think this would take more time and not go as high. If this is correct, then damn! We got a crazy couple months ahead of us
評論: Wave A has the biggest RISE in each section. Wave A also has the biggest DIPS
Also notice that the DIPS from each wave A have gotten BIGGER as we've moved up the PARABOLIC chart.
評論: I updated this idea in a new post. Please check it out for more details now that we have a recovery trendline. Let me know what you thin!.

It's not very creative, just mathematical
Thanks - some hope there!
Very interesting chart, I also always compared the 20k dip to the 2700 -->1800$ bear month, but did not use it to estimate new targets yet. Thanks
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