BTC/USD - The Asian whales effect on the Bitcoin market prices

Hello my friends,

with this example I will shortly explain why many famous and very successful analysts fails to predict the cryptocurrency markets. They do not take into consideration the asian whales. There are tens of examples about how the market goes into a direction every day at same time and stops its direction after 12 hours. The vast majority of the marketcap from all the coins are in China, Korea and Japan. We used the chinese time in this chart to show how they dictate the trend. Now we have a downtrend and ANY prediction based only in charts positions by now is useless if the analyst did not take it into consideration.

That is how we made almost a million dollars with Tron ( TRX ) two weeks ago. That's how good crypto analysts can predict the market and know WHEN to buy and WHEN to sell in a market that seems to be so unpredictable. It is not. Wait few hours and check if the trend after Japan, Korea and China wakes up (in this order) will be up or down, and you will know which move. Unfortunately if you are in Europe like us, you will have to wait till 1:30/2:00 AM to start seeing the trend of the day. The western markets rarely have power to revert the asian trend and generally it keeps the same direction.

Our tip is wait to make a position (buy or sell) in Bitcoin/USD (or USDT) market.
I agree, the Asians seem to run the trend and blow up a lot of US TA.
So sommetimes they go to sleep at 1 pm and sometimes at 8 pm?HAHAHA
Again, perfect. Thanks for the nice work
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