DRAMA! BITCOIN to 10,000 USD NOW - Here Is WHY It's So Important

Hello Crypto-Family! <3

D4rkEnergY will not bother you with long stories today, so let's just jump in, and find out, why it's so important for the bulls to reach 9,8xx USD!

We are now taking a look at the 4h BTCUSD Chart. As you can see, we now have a real chance to go into a reversal. We have already finished our 1st and 2nd Elliott Wave and are at this very moment riding on the 3rd.

Right now we are facing HUGE resistance, so it will be very hard for the bulls to penetrate the zone of confluence resistance (9,000 - 9,400 USD). Furthermore we also have the EMA100 just above our head. On top of that I want you to take notice of the RSI . Yes, we are making higher lows, which is good, but as you can see we have huge resistance on RSI 70.

So this will indeed be a huge challenge for the bulls to penetrate that zone. Aside from that the bulls are doing what they should do until now. I have made some Elliott Sub-Wave counts for you, so you have an idea, how it can play out. Let me once again stress, that we will adjust these waves, when we get more data.

So here are the 2 Scenarios - a bullish and a bearish:

BEARISH: We here assume we will get rejected, and don't manage to get through the zone of resistance. We will then fall lower, and we will not be able to make a 3rd EW. If we fall to 8,400 USD, we will be caught in a bearish HS pattern , where it would be very hard to make 3 higher highs, due to the before mentioned resistance. Therefore we can expect go even lower.

BULLISH: We here manage to go through the zone of resistance and finish the 3rd Elliott Wave . As you can see it's equal to around 9,8xx. This would be a huge victory for the bulls. And the reason for that is, that we now can have our 4th Wave retracement, which will create the right shoulder of the bigger inverse HS Pattern . The 5th impulse wave would finish the pattern and allow us to go up and through. Our target would for now be 11,000 USD.

Wow, wow... This will be a VERY EXCITING DAY for Bitcoin!

D4 loves you <3

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評論: So the bulls managed to penetrate the resistance line, and we are now in 9,100 USD. Remember there are a lot of confluence resistance in this zone. So it's still not a walk in the part.

But bulls are doing what they gotta do so far :)

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評論: Back at almost 9,000 USD again! As you can see a bullish flag pattern has taking form, which give us an opportunity to make another flag pole. BUT.. As I mentioned before, we have a lot of confluence resistance above us and we are sill fighting with the EMA100, so it will be hard.

Again. The RSI on the 4h chart is not really our friend. It acts as huge resistance on 70 - we haven't been in the overbought zone for a LONG time.

It looks better on the 1D chart where a bullish MACD-Cross is about to happen. Also the RSI gives us room to go higher there.

I will as always follow up on this later - Thank you for listening to me <3 Pls give a LIKE.

評論: We are just under 9,100 USD at this moment! Bitfinex is DOWN at the moment, so all prices are frozen on that exchange. The bulls are trying to escape from the flag/ascending triangle on Coinbase, where this chart also is from.

I promise you to keep you updated <3 Remember to give a LIKE :)

評論: 9,123 USD. We are at this very moment witnessing a break out attempt once again! The bulls are trying to rise the flag pole even higher, but the zone of confluence resistance is overwhelming.

Please also pay attention to the yellow circle. 9 out of 10 volume bars have been less than the MA20 volume. That basically means indecision. People are patient, and wait for more confirmation.

I will follow up on this later - Thank you for supporting me <3 Remember to give a LIKE :)

評論: 9,150 USD now - this is really important for the bulls. Most optimal would be if we could go to 9,300 USD, then we could hereafter retrace with the 4th subwave inside the red channel.

Please also to pay attention to the yellow circle on the RSI. We have huge resistance here. It will be exciting if we can go through this level.

Thank you so much for following me. A LIKE would be nice <3

評論: 8,880 USD now. We had a good 3rd Elliott Subwave, and just had a retracement to around 38,2 %. Everything is still good, and the bulls are still doing what they gotta do!

Obviously as I mentioned before it would be better if we could go a bit higher, so we could retrace inside the red zone. We are now on the 5th impulse wave up.

And this WILL me the MOMENT of TRUTH. We now need to go through the dangerous zone of resistance to succeed. If we fall under the orange line at 8,700 USD we will have an immediately Elliot Wave Failure.

This will indeed be exciting! Thanks for all the love and support guys <3

評論: Goooood Morning, lovely people <3 8,900 USD at this very moment. Let me just throw it out there. The bulls still have a chance to succeed, but it will be a very hard battle!

As you can see (yellow circle) we had a PERFECT 50 % retracement on the 4th Elliott Subwave, and are now trying to climb the 5th subwave up. We are at this very moment in a up channel (dotted black lines), which is pretty good. It leads us in the right directions.

BUT. VERY SOON (4-8 hours) we will ONCE AGAIN stay face to face with the RED DANGER ZONE which we got rejected from last time.

This will be super interesting to follow, and you can count on D4rkEnergY. I will keep you updated.

A lot a love and support from me <3 Remember as always to give a BIG LIKE!

評論: We have a break out ATTEMPT! We are above 9k again and are in the RED ZONE once again :)

Will follow up on this later <3

評論: So we have a bull flag now, and have a good opportunity to go up from now if get some good volume! I will follow up on this later :)

評論: So It's hard for me to see anything right now. Im sooo tired. The last 3 months I have been working 18 hours a day. No breaks.

But I cannot let you down. As you can see my bearish scenario played out. We got rejected hard at 9,100 USD.

So are we doomed now?? You will get an answer in my next chart I will make for you in 30 minutes.

Love you <3 Remember to give a like! :)

評論: Here is The Worst BITCOIN Chart Ever! You Be The Judge... Booring...


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Small Update on How To Trade BTC
My predicion is.. it'll go to 7-8k then fall lower to roughly 6-7, then sideways in the course of two weeks to a month. It's certainly not going back to 10 for a while.. ;x
BTC needs to hold above 8270, a break below this level will then target 7925 ... a break and hold of the latter level and the target will be 5265 eventually.
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