The Day has Finally Arrived! Bears Grabbing Bulls By The Horns!

Hello my Dear Crypto-Family <3

This is THE DAY we all have been waiting for. Finally! D4rkEnergY is SO happy. We did it, guys! We are not only number 1, but we are growing every single day like crazy. More than 122,000 family members around the world. 9,000 here on TradingView in only 3 weeks. Almost 1 MILLION chart views - this is indeed a RECORD, we all can be proud of.

I am so thankful for all of it. This is overwhelming! D4rkEnergY will finally give it all back to you again!

Once again: We are taking a look at our BTCUSD Chart. No surprising price drops, and no surprising spikes the last 24 hours. Everything is going according to the plan, and what D4 predicted yesterday. Our irregular flat ABC-correction is done, and we are now adding another ABC-to it.

The bear flag took us first down to 7,700 USD, where we had a bounce. As D4 predicted we wouldn't go through the green 61,8 % retracement level, which now act as huge resistance.

I want you to pay attention to the volume bars. The last 24 hours we have had 5 bearish bars all above the MA20 volume . The bears are still in control.

The bulls are still alive, even though it doesn't look promising. They have one last chance - if they keep making higher lows (look at the dotted green line) they can make an ascending triangle , which will give them an opportunity to break above the 61,8 resistance level .

If they don't succeed in maker higher lows, we will very soon go down to the yellow support level at 7,200 USD.

This is super exciting. D4 will follow up on this later.

D4 loves you <3

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評論: Good morning from South Korea, my dear friends! As I explained above you can see how the bulls managed to make higher lows, and tried to break out from the ascending triangle.

But as I also told you: It is at this very moment unlikely we will go into a reversal. The bulls didn't manage to follow up with more volume due to the lack of trust in the attack.

That is always why we are seeing, how the bears immediately after took us back down to around 8,050 USD.

D4 will follow up on this later. D4 loves you <3

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評論: The bulls are trying one more time to break through via 61,8 % (8,300), and a bullish MACD-Cross is about to happen.

But I want you to take notice of the volume bars once again. The bullish volume is declining, which isn't a good sign. We need more volume, if this attack will succeed.

I will follow up on this later. Ty so much <3

評論: Nothing much has happened since the last update. Other than I'm starting to feel a sick after all the work with the international launch. I have been a bit stressed with the deadline and all that. Sorry for not answering all the messages on TradingView. I will make new charts for you no matter what.

So the fight between the bulls and the bears are still happening inside the green ascending triangle. The bullish MACD Cross is made now. But the bulls need much more volume.

The next update will be a new and exciting chart. Thanks for every single one of you who are following me - thank you so much <3

評論: The update is here: Will Bitcoin Break Out Now? And Something about TA in General!


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I'm jumping chart to chart in your TA, and idk where should i stop :)
Hi Mr,
You are great ...

Your last analysis of Bitcoin
I suggest that you modify the correction after the waves (12345) ...
The wave (C) can not be of three waves (w x y) and should be 5 waves
This is it
Can you see that some one is buying out all your short at $8150. It's a bear trap.
Well D4 I`m kind of honest guy and I`d like to ask you directly...It is known that BTC is going to touch 4.700-4.800.So why do you still think about the possibilities?Well if you trade wiith margin call it is possible but if you are not a trader cuz you are an investor...?I can`t catch you point friend :)
Im only convinced (a bit) that something bullish is happening if we move above 8900 today.
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