BTC/USD The big short

5400 22
Hello guys

as i expected btc is going down the altcoins also this will cause alot of panic.

Why is bitcoin going down? thats very simple we had in the last time very much media attention so the marketcap rised from 20b to 110b but everything came to an end this also.

We got no more fresh money but an daily inflation on te majority of all Cryptocurrency's Bitcoin & Altcoins

Btc daily inflation 1800 BTC current price 2430 (greater than 4m) , Ethereum also something between 3-4m, the other altcoins has also atleast 1-2m

So as we can see btc only got down because no new money and the inflation which i explained above. The real fud (hardfork) isnt priced in so you should prepare for the worst.

This all is imo just a big big shakeout the Whales know very very well the potential of btc so they woudl love to buy in cheaper again

have a nice day

評論: Hello guys couldnt update you becausei was banned i draw this chart yester day

i updated it again

Please use this chart now if you are looking for a buy entry this chart above isnt valid for me anymore changed my opinion buy zone between 2010 - 2070 for the next wave

Its not an buying advice you act on your own responsibility

have a nice day

about 130$ more to fall i personaly will buy between this area

have a nice day
評論: have an eye for 2050 set your buy orders there if you are inerested to buy sell the bounce then we will have a roough rough week

disclaimer: you act on your own responsibility
評論: Target not far away :
評論: Almost hit my target

We should prepare for a bounce upwards 2.2k aka stoploss hunting do you think they let us going further down? Theres no way without liquidating some
評論: Eiter btc will dump today or it will go further down : 2 scenarios imo.

i personaly tend to the downward movement
交易進行: monday is doomsday <:
I'm looking at this chart since creation. Simply awesomely presise, thanks :)
Looks like it bounced off of the 2170 support like your original chart indicated. I wonder if it will go up to the 2300 range before dropping again. Great work btw. I am simply amazed at how closely the price followed your arrows.
Rakim CoinRat
@CoinRat, Hey thank you budy :D This is currently my target the support wont hold there it will go straight to 2050 within some hours X-24hr max.

have a nice day
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CoinRat Rakim
@Rakim, testing 2200 support...
Rakim CoinRat
@CoinRat, it wont hold
Rakim CoinRat
@CoinRat, could go to 2250 for 2-3 hours but aint the risk worth
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Rakim Rakim
@Rakim, Didnt hold as i said
Hey Mr. Rakim

What kind of wave you mean? Short or longterm wave?
Completely agree man!
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