Hi guys, I hope everyone have a very happy Christmas!

I'm going to do quick update about the Bitcoin ( BTC ).

Yesterday, Bitcoin surged about $15700 and this is going to my favor.

In the previous post, I said that the "Seller Zone A" should be a good take profit area for for those whose had entries near the trendline , above the cloud and below both Base and Conversion line.

In this surge up, price step in the "Seller Zone A", We can see some signs that can drop the price again:

- Price move in Seller area. ( For some reasons trader should Take profit and drop down the market ).
- The candle surged nearly end stand for the end of wave B. ( I didn't think this come too soon. And now, Wave C may had begun ).
- Looklike the Buyers are exhausted, the buy volume too small to push the price higher.
- The fakeout spotted before, Price may not move higher.

After all, we are still in an ascending trend. Even it's looklike the uptrend resume and you don't want to miss the train and me too!
Please maybe i'm wrong but i don't to take this price it's so high not economical.

Checking Bitcoin with others indicators:

- MACD: still pointing down and histogram below 0 ( showing bearish movement ).
- Stoch RSI: pointing up but same thing ( showing bearish power ).
- Volume: Buyer weak

Finally, I want to say if I going to trade this, i will wait until the price near or lower the Big trendline again then i take this upportunity.

Once again Happy Holiday and Happy Trading all
Thanks and take care.

If my posts is useful, give me yours feedbacks, please!
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