How do I know BTC won't go down again and 7.8k is the ceiling?


After the intersection in the daily stochastic chart there was a great upward trend, but still some resistances to overcome take a look to these points:

1) Bearish sentiment didn't get new lows, downtrend line every time more weaker.
2) Past 15 days low volume range days to nowhere, now volume have come back.
3) Downtrend cartel's channel is not resisting anymore, two trendlines have been crossed.
4) Bullish sentiment consolidation, breaking main downtrend & resistances, looking to overcross EMA50, EMA100, SMA200 (daily)
5) Important daily stochastic intersection

Dear establishment (April 15 taxes, Soros, Bloomberg, Wall Street), welcome:

Big picture (daily)
交易進行: Ichimoku's confirmation. Bullish have come back

交易結束:目標達成: Asian markets collecting weekend gains, breakthrough attempt but has found support in the 8000.
The resistance 50 EMA (daily) has been strong there are still some bears out there, in the next hours depending on the volume will be tested support and resistance again.

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