[BITCOIN ALERT] - About to Heal!!

Due to violation of Tradingview's policy our previous analysis on BITCOIN             was taken down, which was plotted as per our expectations
going short in BITCOIN             is like playing with the devil but if you're technical matches with the fundamentals than it's possible, we don't personally short Bitcoin             but more over to drop our assets worth just to protect our gains,
so here is the new analysis which is published only for you in order to support the upcoming predictions

So, you can BUY NOW at $9500
and if you are little confused than wait for it to bounce a little off from the level $9500
200D M.A is a God gift only if it's used in right directions, so appreciate it

Also, In case 200D M.A Crossdown than who knows where's the next stop for BITCOIN!

(Check out our other analysis on BITCOIN             | BULL TRAP? )
where 200D.MA made a perfect bounce off from $3000

have any doubts? than, let us know in the comment section below
and make sure to give this analysis a Thumbs UP +_+
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Source - General public Information!
交易進行: As expected $9211 is the perfect Entry level for BITCOIN,
Sniper Shot thanks to 200D M.A ^_^
交易進行: Minor resistance expected now at $12000
交易進行: Resistance worked out well
if possible it would grate at next stop!
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交易進行: Everything is clear now as per our expectation it bounced straight up from $11k
Let's wait for it to Head all the way UP!
交易進行: JUST BULLISH Can't find a negative on it!

How about high RSI on hourly and 4hr? How about the Bollinger bands? How about the incomplete downward wedge?

We are not out yet.
Thanks for the precise call. I always follow your stuff keenly here. But please can you check EDOo TA, you are get to update it or you are just deliberately trying to avoid it after the abysmal downwards?
do we have any direction where it will go ? what amount ?
@zigger, $14k Next resistance!
zigger BloomFisher
@BloomFisher, straight up no stopping ? any lower correction ?
@zigger, only at $14k it will resist but if you are in for longer period than don't worry about it!
zigger BloomFisher
@BloomFisher, from 14k back to 12.800 ore somewhere 13.200 ?
@BloomFisher, I've updated my analysis.
And you are welcome.
Will I visit 10k again?
milanjelic htgorgulu
@htgorgulu, yes
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